What is the difference between emo and scene?

So what is the difference between emo and scene, they are the same right? Sort of. They are very similar but differ in a few key ways.

As you know emo stands for emotional, now that doesn’t mean people who seek attention through cutting themselves or talking about death. Its people who show their emotions and are in touch with themselves. They listen to emotional music, write poetry and talk about how they are feeling. Emos dress in a wide range of styles from tight fitting jeans to hoodies. Emos will generally wear darker clothing using bright red and pink to hilight themselves. Band tees or tees with skulls on are very fashionable with emos.

Scene kids may listen to similar music to emos, they may be huge fans for My chemical Romance of Bullet For My Valentines but they’ll generally wear bright colours, be in kawaii and maybe other bits of japanese culture. You’ll typically see girls wearing neon clothing such as tights and shoes and theres a bit of an 80s vibe to their clothing. They may also rip or tear their clothing. Scene kids are not into being as creative such as poetry but are more into being noticed and talked about by other people. Hair is often big and wide with streaks of colour.

All in all there is very little difference. You could dress scene but still be emo and vicer versa. It is all down to what you feel comfortable in and what you want to wear so don’t become a label or let people label you, just be yourself and wear what you want.