Top Ten Modern Rock Bands

Apologise first of all. There are hundreds of great rock bands out there so suggesting just ten is impossible and that’s before we include classic rock bands. But hopefully this list will get you started on finding some awesome bands to check out. Here’s ten modern rock bands we think are awesome.

Blink 182

Back after a short break to make +44 (another great band to check out) Blink 182 are here to rock our socks off once again. Classic songs include All The Small Things and Dammit but theres way too many to mention. A classic modern rock band.

System of a Down

One of the best bands out there. Loud, amazing and brilliant. SOAD are one of them bands that has simple songs that you just want to play over and over again. Put it on at a party and everyone will be jumping.

Green Day

Everyone knows greenday, if you don’t start with their latest albums and work your way back through years of tunes. You’ll fill your ipod up with the amount of stuff they have released.

Sum 41

No rock list would be complete without Sum 41. They are american rock, if you had to describe it you’d pick one of their many songs. The hell song, chuck, ahhh there is way too many songs to list. Grab their albums now, you won’t regret it.

Bowling For Soup

Taking things a bit of a ska, funny route, Bowling for soup offer some more pop rock tunes that even non rockers can’t help liking. Check out High School never ends for one of the catchiest tunes in the world.


Well known for their songs in Gran Tourismo, go and listen to Just A Day and Buck Rogers and rock out. Their early stuff is the best but if you want something a big more mellow and depressing check out later stuff with them coming back full circle with their latest stuff being a bit more up beat.

Dragon Force

Crazy guitar rifts, keyboards and lots of video game inspired tracks. Listen to Operation Ground and pound and feel exhausted by the end of it. Some proper rock skills are going on here and if you like video games you’ll recognise some classic tunes.


Enough said. Theres no point telling you to check out Smells like Teen Spirit or any other of their tracks, everyone knows Nirvana are one of the greatest rock bands out there.


Say what you will about Chads ugly face, but he’s made a lot of money and offers some classic rock tracks everyone enjoys. I wana be a rock star and photograph offer two totally different sounds but are classic Nickleback.

The Offspring

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeeeeaaaaahhh! Crazy Taxi didn’t make The Offspring famous, but it sure brought their tracks to a new audience. Like all the other bands here they have way too many songs to mention but compliment Green Day perfectly with american rock tracks.

Honourable Mentions

My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
And a million other bands. Add your suggestions below in our comments section.