How to Make Your Bedroom Emo

Making your room emo can be hard work, especially if your parents wont let you decorate your room. So heres some tips on how to make your bedroom look emo as well as ways to make it look emo without paint.

Pick a colour. Black is the obvious choice but dark reds can work just as well. It may sound great to paint your whole room black but you’ll soon end up hating it. Instead pick one wall to paint black. If you can’t paint it consider getting some cheap black cloth to put over the wall. Use push pins to keep it attached to the wall without damaging it too badly. Now make the rest of your walls bright. Hot Pink, purple and red are all great colours to use, but remember being emo is about being yourself so pick colours you like and think match.

If you have painted your walls you can use chalk to write lyrics, have friends add stuff or just doodle without having it stay on the wall forever. Trust us at times you’ll be glad you can wipe stuff off. If you haven’t painted pick up a black board and hang it from the wall so you can still do all of this.

Get Kerrang magazine or any other rock magazine and cut out pictures of your favorite bands or emo girls/boys. Stick them to your wall how ever you wish, you’re best off picking one wall to do this on and just fit them however you want. On other walls you can put skulls or crosses on them or anything else that you like that defines you as being emo. Get creative and make your own skulls, broken hearts or other objects from card.

Your desk will be your most important point in your room. Make sure you have a clear space to write and possible put your poems and lyrics. Get a nice desk lamp and customize your desk so it fits your room. Make sure you get a shelf to put special things on that mean stuff to you, like pictures of friends, wrist bands and guitar picks.

Finally don’t forget your bed. Black covers work great but again go with what you like. Add some twisted dolls to the bed if thats your thing or even customize your covers if you are good with a needle and thread.