How to Dress Like an 80s Rocker

Did know one tell you? The 80s are back. Whether you want to dress like an 80s rocker for halloween or to recapture the glory days of rock we are here to help.

1. Check out Rock Bands from the 80s.

Checking out rock bands from the 80s will give you loads of ideas, from how they styled their hair to what clothes and accessories they wore. Get tips on how to do your make up from David Bowie or how to do your hair like Slade. Some suggestions of bands to check out.

Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, Van Halen, Metallica, U2, INXS, Iron Maiden.

2. What is easy to buy

Some items may take longer to find than others so shop around. Markets are great places to pick up old clothes or fashion accessories. Try to take modern clothes and morth them into an 80s look to speed up looking like an 80s rocker.

3. What Rocker are you going to follow?

Some rockets went for sophisticated looks whilst others went for extreams. Decide if you are going to be a hard rocker, hair rocket, metal or pop rockers. If you want to be a girlie 80s rocker then look at people like Cyndi Lauper or Madonna to get some ideas.

4. Is it okay to wear band tees?

It sure is. Wearing band tees from the 70s or 80s is a quick way to get the 80s flair and wearing tight jeans which are once again back in fashion is a must. Don’t forget to keep your clothing black as well as your accessories.

5. Accessories

Spiked wristbands with black leather wrist straps are the order of the day. Wearing lots of badges on your jacket, jeans and bags is also a must. Grab as many badges as you can possibly find and if you can find anti government ones even better. Scarves that are solid in colour can also be worn but make sure they are light weight and not meant for winter wear. Studded belts are a great addition to any pair of tight jeans.

6. Check out vintage shops

We mentioned markets but you can’t forget vintage shops. Vintage clothing is very in fashion at the mo either from the era or reproductions so be careful you don’t spend too much.

7. Hairstyles

Having long hair or long spikes are the type of hair styles you need to achieve. Wigs are great if you are desparete to look like an 80s rocker quickly, if not grow your hair. Teasing your hair was very popular in the 80s, so make your hair as big as possible. Don’t forget the gel either, extra strong gel will keep your hair in place, perfect for spikes.

8. Learn how to apply makeup.

Even if you are a guy, learn how to apply makeup, this can be as little as eyeliner to make your eyes stand out to painting your nails or full face makeup. Rockers like David Bowie applied extream full face makeup and were still recognised as sex symbols amongst women so don’t be too shy to wear makeup.