How to Become an Emo Model

RAWR Clothing is always on the lookout for emo and alternative models. If you’re interested in working with us then send us an email through the contact us link above.

Being a model is extremely tough. You need to have the right look, be confident and be willing to do almost anything. Just because you may look attractive, you may not be suitable for the job or may not come across as required on camera. Being an emo, scene, punk, rock or goth model is just as difficult as being a more normal model. Emos usually have their own original look but to model for emo sites such as ours you may need to take on a look thats not your own. Being an emo model will take patients, motivation and to be willing to accept change.

To become a model you’ll need to apply for jobs, create porfolios and do what ever it takes to become a model.

The first thing you’ll need are some pictures. We don’t mean myspace style top down pictures with the flash blurring out your features. They need to be professionally framed, lit and modeled. You’ll need a friend who knows what they are doing, has the right equipment and knows how a model should look. Let them guide you on places to model such as parks or in rooms and let them help you with posing and how you should look.

Make sure you work on your body. Most models have good skin, beautiful hair and look after their body. Being a bit fat, having scars on your body or generally not being very attractive won’t get you very far sadly.

There are so many models out there you need to give yourself an edge. What do you do that no one else does? Create a unique look and style that suits your appearance, no one else can look like you unless you have a twin so make sure you stand out from the crowd. Pick the right clothes that show off your body and face and choose different designs to show different sides of your personality.

Sign up for a model networking site such as and post your profile there or contact us as we are always on the look out for emo models. You can even add your own photos to our site!

You’ll need to create a porfolio. Remember all them photos you took earlier? Grab the best ones and add them to a portfolio. Its all about quality, not quantity as everyone wants to see you at your best not when you are looking average. Getting jobs is tough so you may need to work for free or in exchange for products to get your name out there, the money will come later but getting your name out there is the most important as it’ll help your portfolio grow.

Look for model castings, like on our website if you haven’t taken the hint yet and apply. Be sure to have your portfolio and modeling resume ready.

Make sure you submit photos and links to your portfolio page. Spread the word with a facebook group and reach out to as many people as you possible can.