How to Be Semi Emo and Still be Religious

Lets get one thing clear. Being emo doesn’t make you part of a cult, doesn’t mean you worship the devil and doesn’t mean you can’t be religious. Your parents may think being emo is all of these things so make it clear to them it is not. Being emo is just about being in touch with your inner-self, not learning spells and worshiping evil. In fact emo has nothing to do with evil at all.

Tell your parents being emo helps you make friends, help out others and is just your own self expression. No matter what your age or religion, it can be tough to get people to accept you as you are, especially if they hold stupid thoughts that clothes somehow alter a person’s character.

Parents may think this is just your way of rebelling, tell them its not and its your way of growing up and finding out who you are. If you find it causes conflict with your parents then speak to members of your religious community. They’ll realize what you wear doesn’t change anything about your religion. If you find your parents are very strict then check out our other guides to parents but in the mean time just tone down your outward look so your parents have less to complain about.

Stay involved with your religious group. If you stop attending places people may think its because of the way you have dressed and that it has changed your character. Go to church in what ever you feel comfortable in. Maybe being in emo clothes is fine in church for you, or maybe you feel it’d be better if you was in more normal clothes. It is up to you.

Explore your religion, ask questions and try to understand it more. You may find a lot of similarities between your religion and emo which will help others relate to you being emo.