How To Be Emo

How To Be Emo

So you’ve decided you want to become an emo. You like the music, love the scene but don’t know where to start.

The Music

Being emo is first and formost about the music. If you’re not into the music you’ll just be found out as a faker or a poser. So if you don’t like the music, maybe being emo isn’t for you. Some bands to check out are My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars and Bullet For My Valentine. They’ll give you a good idea of what good music to check out before you find your own bands you like.

Learn to play an instrument, guitar is pretty much the go to instrument. Even if you can’t play it, just buy one. It’ll look cool in your room and you’ll gain instant credibility just by owning one. Especially when guitar playing friends come round to check it out. But do try to learn it even if you can’t play it well.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of yourself holding the guitar from weird angles and dark lighting.

If a guitar really isn’t for you write some songs or poetry. Both can be sad or full of happyness but make sure they have a dark despressive undertone. Write about life, about school and those you love who don’t love you back. Use songs and poetry to write about your problems without boring your friends. Rappers are rather emo when you think about it, they have fast cars, lots of girls and money yet are always complaining about something.

But it all comes back to the music, you’ll understand what it is to be emo from the three bands mentioned above but try to check out local bands or bands others probably haven’t heard of yet.

Hair color and style

For girls long brown hair and for boys short brown hair isn’t very emo. To be a true emo you need to dye your hair and cut it into cool styles. Jet black, bleach blond, vibrant pink and electric blue are all good starts which you can then add coloured streaks to. Be original, do what suits you or what you like, being emo is about being different and standing out.

Hair style all depends on the look you want. For boys longer hair that almost looks girlie works well, for girls either shorter hair or shoulder length. You’ll need to add lots of choppy layers and have at least part of your hair covering your face at an angle. Spike up bits of your hair, flatten others and give it lots of volume. Finally add hair bands or big scrunchys to finish off the look. Flowers in your hair work well too.

Dressing Emo

Finally you need to wear the right clothes. You can be emo with all the above, but for people to recognise you as emo you need to wear the clothes and have the right look. Emo is a combination of punk and goth, so wearing a lot of black and red is key. Don’t forget to wear band hoodies, stickers and badges. Lots of badges all over your bag.

Buy shirts from RAWR clothing where we sell them from just $15. Try to go a size smaller than you normally would. If buying our hoodies go for a bit bigger so it’s nice and baggy. When buying jeans, make sure they are so tight you can barely move. Finally underwear is mega important, and we sell a huge range of boy shorts for girls in vibrant pink, red and black. So go check them out now.

For accessories studded belts, fingerless gloves, the badges we mentioned above and lots of braclets to cover your wrists. Dont forget sweat bands as well with band logos on.

Don’t forget your makeup either, this goes for guys as well as girls. Eyeliner is the only thing you really need. Make it thick and striking. Don’t be a panda bear with large black eyes, follow your eye line and add flicks or tears to the edges. Black nail polish can also be added but apart from that keep the rest of your makeup natural.


One last thing, you’re attitude. Cute, shy and quiet is what you want. No emo is a massive loud mouth or the life of the party. Head down looking at the floor, keeping yourself to yourself is what being emo is all about. You can laugh and smile but being quiet, shy and withdrawn is what its about.


  1. Kaelynn Counts says:

    i have a question. what if your parents freak out if you go emo or even wear black or dark colors for more than a day??? do you have any tips for that??

    • Yeah, try to not care abut them! They will give after some months…
      So was with my mom, and she hated it!! But I didnt care and after a looooong hard way she stopped caring cuz she knewI wouldnt stop wearing black either way so she just gave up! :)

  2. So… I guess im emo. I’ve been like this my whole life. The only thing I don’t do is color my hair…. My parents won’t let me. |:b
    Could I pull it off with blonde hair? It’s not bleach blonde but it’s blonde.
    {kat} ._.

    • Sure you can, blond hair is probably easiest to color out of all the hair types. You can add pink streaks, black streaks, black or red underneath your hair or just color it any way you like.

  3. I actually did this before i knew what emo was, im the youngest of 3 girls so i always hung out with teenage guys (why my phone in 7th grade was full of 16 year old guy friends) so i just followed their style. right now my hair is blue/turquoise with the lower layers red. im hoping to order some new tees once i get a new job though ^-^

  4. im black can i still be emo??

  5. Emery Smith says:

    I have been like this forever. I am the quit,withdrawn kid in my class with weird hair as some may put it. But i’m only thirteen and some of there words still hurt what should I do?

    • You just have to not care about their words. People can be extremely horrible and hurtful with their words and one of the best ways to deal with it is to just not care. You know its not true, but they know it upsets you so they’ll do it more. Just ignore them and eventually they’ll get bored.

  6. People call me a freak for being emo I don’t know what to do about them. Do you know what I could do?
    Oh and I’m a boy .
    ~Love Bunny Prince~

    • They call you a freak because you don’t look or dress like them. Who cares, do your own thing and be who you are instead of a sheep like them. Its hard to make people like that stop without being just like them or resulting in you hitting them which we don’t recommend. Just because you dress differently, act differently or do things they don’t doesn’t make you a freak. Just means they are dull and boring. Don’t worry about it, they’ll soon grow out of it or realise that actually it doesn’t matter. If they were more like you they wouldn’t call you a freak, people just belittle others due to a lack of self confidence. Just make sure your friends stick up for you and you stick up for your friends. If it keeps happening or gets worse tell a teacher or adult you trust and get them to help you deal with it.

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