How to Be an Emo Girl

So you want to be an emo girl but you don’t know where to start. Thats okay we all have to start somewhere. Listen to as much emo music as you can, we suggest checking out our Top Ten Emo Bands Guide but once you’ve listened to them check out some other emo bands. Find out what sort of bands you like and what type of emo music. Do you enjoy scremo or pop emo or ska emo? Theres all sorts of differences all within the emo music scene.

Check out some other bands like Operation Ivy, Jimmy Eats World and Weezer who may not be stickily emo but its where a lot of emo music came from.

Look at photos of emo girls either on RAWR or by searching the internet. Grab some black eye liner and apply it heavily and mess around with your hair colour too. You can try black or blue hair or add pink streaks, its up to you what you think looks good. Even bright blond hair or blonde with blue streaks looks amazing. Find some hairdressers near you that do emo hair styles, see what they think would suit you and get your hair cut into an emo fashion. Don’t forget to learn what to do to keep it that way!

Most people think emos wear tight jeans but that’s not always true. Wear what you want, so tight jeans, dresses or hot pants. There’s all sorts of emo styles out there and you can mix and match. Pick some items up from us, such as our cute emo shirts and hoodies or try stores like HOT Topic for jeans and leg wear. Little cut patterns or stars, skulls and hearts are all good emo girl accessories.

Emo girls are generally quite quiet but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to talk. Just make friends with other emos and you’ll soon fit right in. Emos are not miserable, most are happy and smile and are full of laughter.

You don’t have to be stick thin or to cut yourself to be emo. Read our other guides on why emos actually DON’T cut themselves to see why you shouldn’t either. Don’t forget lots of accessories such as bracelets, nail varnish, plastic bangles, ear rings etc. Be who ever you want to be.