How To Be A Rocker

So you’ve decided you want to become an emo. You like the music, love the scene but don’t know where to start.

The Music

There all sorts of different types of rockers and the same with music. You can like Avril Lavigne and be a rocker. You can like Queens of the Stone Age and be a rocker. So find some rock music you like and you’re already half way there. All the rockers aren’t acting like someone they’re not. Rock music isn’t about fitting in, it’s about doing you’re own thing, so do it.

Learn to play an instrument, be in a band, make music videos. You’ll find as you like more and more rock music you want to be able to play the songs you love the most. So learn the drums or guitar and rock out.

Rock songs can be sad, happy, funny, stupid and everything in between. No rocker is going to care that you like green day or don’t like nirvana. Everyone likes different things and everyone is just there to have a good time. So find music you like, not what others tell you to like.

Hair color and style

Long hair, short hair, medium, buzz cuts. No one cares. Do what suits you and what you like. Want to add volume and red streaks? Go for it. Want to just have long scraggly hair. That’s cool too. Emo hair isn’t rocker hair but just be yourself and do what suits you.

Dressing Rocker

Buy some band shirts and hoodies. Don’t go to tight otherwise people will think you are emo. Wear comfortable clothes you don’t care getting dirty but also look good and relaxed in. Black is a key colour but if you want to wear a bright orange shirt no one will care. One thing about Rockers, they do their own thing and don’t care if others don’t match them.

Get some baggie jeans, plain, with spikes, with holes. What ever. If you are wearing baggies just make sure the bottoms get scuffed up. If they don’t cover your shoes then get longer baggies. The more worn the better and some places even sell old vintage worn clothing saving you time. Wear camo stuff if you want, but don’t over do it, you’re not in the jungle.

Finally get a jacket, hoodies don’t suit every place and jackets suit others better. A nice proper leather jacket will last you years.

Spiked and studded wristbands are a must or any other accessory you want. Chains are not currently in style but if you like them wear them. Just be careful as some places class them as a weapon and won’t allow you in.


No one cares if you are a rocker. Rockers get on well with any and everyone. In the pit they help people up and if you spill someones beer by accident they won’t want to punch your face in. Be polite, offer to buy them a pint. In fact be polite in general. Rockers have a positive attitude and look out for each other whilst having a fun time.

Be nice to everyone. You’d be surprised how much cooler people will think you are if you’re nice to them. People will just think you’re a loser if you’re always acting like a douche bag. Don’t copy other rockers, set your own trends and be yourself. Thats the only thing you need, is to be yourself and do what you like.