Emo Lyrics

The most important part of the emo scene and lifestyle is the music. Not how its played, not whos playing it but the lyrics.

Emo music has been around for years in different forms but its only after the early 2000’s that it really took off as popular music. In the last ten years emo music has changed from underground rebellious music listened to by a small group of people into a multi million dollar industry. The birth of the internet is what helped this take off, with many teenagers hitting up band message board and finding that their lives were not so different after all.

Songs were shared, bands were talked about but it is the lyrics that brought everyone together. From My Chemical Romances ‘I’m Not Okay (i promise) to Fall Out Boys Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, the lyrics are what made people identify and feel part of something bigger. You no longer felt alone, trapped by yourself as you knew other people and even bands were going through what you felt. Emo music is peoples unique takes of life and how they live it. Whether it consists of bands singing or screaming, talking about relationships, breakups or other emotional events, there is someone out there who can relate and it makes them feel better by being able to relate and share that with others.

Emo lyrics are often backed up by aggressive rock guitars or drum beats but emo can be subtle with pianos in the background or softer moods. Not everything is about death and pain, its about being emotional, and that means it can also be happy and fun.

So the next time you are listening to music, really listen to the lyrics, find lyrics online and read them and see if you can find the hidden meanings in emo lyrics.