Do All Emos Cut Themselves?

No. Whilst emo may stand for emotional it has nothing to do with cutting yourself or self harming. Emo is all about the music, not what you look like or what you do. Many teenagers may self harm for various reasons but that doesn’t mean they are emo. If you want to be emo, listen to the music, dress like an emo you don’t and really shouldn’t start cutting yourself or self harming.

Emo is just a word to describe a scene or music, the same way being a goth doesn’t automatically make you a satan worshipper or being into ska music meaning you must be a skater. IF you love listening to My Chemical Romance or writing poetry that doesn’t mean you are an emo but it is often associated with emos.

People who say that being emo is cutting themselves are posers. They are saying stuff to match the stereotype. Emo is a way to express yourself and cutting isn’t a way to express yourself. People who cut themselves either do so in the mistaken belief it makes them an emo or something else or they have problems and are dealing with it in a bad way.

So please don’t cut yourself, it won’t make you emo and it won’t make your problems go away.