How to Start an Emo Band in School

You’ve watched Scott Pilgrim and want to start your own band. Well first things first if you want to start an emo band you need to listen to some emo music. Do you want to be a proper emo band or a punk pop emo band? Listen to different bands like My Chemical Romance, The Used, Death Hannah and Black Veil Brides to get a good idea of different emo music types, lyrics and song layouts. Theres no point calling yourself an emo band if you are not playing emo music.

Once you’ve decided what type of emo band you want to become you’ll need to form the band. Can you play an instrument? Can you sing? If you can’t do either of them two things then get started. You don’t need to be the worlds greatest singer or guitarist to be in a band but if its to be your band you need to be able to play in it. Can you write the lyrics too? It doesn’t matter if you can’t but you’ll need someone in your band who can write lyrics unless all you are going to do is cover other bands.

You’ll need to get yourself a drummer, a singer, guitarists and any other instruments you feel would suit your band. Instruments like trumpets and saxophones are more related to ska music but they can still appear occasionally in emo songs. Once you’ve formed your band by finding friends who want to join then you can move on.

You’ll need to get the look. What sort of emo band do you want to dress like? Check out other bands and see what they wear, generally all band members look similar rather than each having their own unique look, but wear what suits you all best and whats the most comfortable to play in.

Once you’ve got that all sorted its time for some band practise. See if you can practise in your garage, friends house or at school. Practise cover songs as this will help you get better at your instrument, working as a band and also gives you some extra songs as you won’t have albums worth of songs to play yet. At the same time start writing some new songs and learning them together as a band. Take inputs from other band members who may suggest awesome guitar solos or slightly better lyrics. Remember a band is about everyone playing together and having fun, not one person leading the way and dictating what everyone is doing.

Got friends in bands? Get them to check out what you are doing, offer advice and tips and don’t forget to check them out too. You might learn a whole lot of new things from your friends bands.

When you’re ready to start showing off your band to more people you’ll need to think of a name. Make sure the whole band agrees on the name and keep it short. All the popular bands are between 1 and 4 words long. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Feeder, Weezer, Sum 41 etc. Check online other bands are not using your name, its horrible to fall in love with a name and find out someone else bigger already uses it, people may think you are just copying them so try to come up with something unique. It may sound fun to use rude words or disgusting images but it puts people off your band, so try not to use bodily functions for your band name. Your band name doesn’t even have to make sense, i mean what does Jimmy Eat World mean? Nickleback came about after Chad working in Star Bucks used to say ‘Nickle Back’ when giving people their change back. So names can be random or come from anywhere. Don’t use emo band name generators, theres nothing personal or fun about them.

Finally practise practise practise. Set up a myspace or facebook page to keep your fans interested in what you are doing, but don’t forget to practise and play when ever and where ever possible.